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SkinCeuticals - Advanced skincare backed by science


    Phyto Corrective Masque


    Phyto Corrective Masque

    Intensive calming botanical face mask with multi-faceted uses post temporary skin reactivity, tested post-procedure

    Phyto Corrective Masque contains highly-concentrated botanical extracts, a calming dipeptide, and hyaluronic acid to intensively soothe and replenish temporary skin reactivity. This intensive calming facial mask cools on contact, comforts skin sensitivity, and restores natural radiance and smoothness. Phyto Corrective Masque has been clinically tested post-procedure to effectively reduce visual redness and discomfort.

    This versatile botanical facial mask has multifaceted uses post temporary skin reactivity:
    1. Daily: post workout, sun exposure, hot bath
    2. Weekly /Seasonal: post travel, chlorine/salt water from swimming, windburn from winter activities
    3. Post-procedure: post laser, extractions, PDT, IPL, and other in-office procedures

    • Delivers intense cooling and calming comfort to soothe heat sensitivity
    • Restores a hydration feel to skin
    • Regains natural radiance and smoothness
    • Tested effective post-procedure in reducing visual redness and discomfort
    • Cooling system in an oil-free and lightweight gel texture

    Visible Results

    Phyto Corrective is clinically tested effective post-procedure:
    20% reduction in visual redness
    47% reduction in discomfort immediately post use
    2.8°C average reduction in skin surface temperature

    Protocol: A dermatologist-controlled split-face clinical study on 30 female subjects ages 18-65. Phyto Corrective Masque was applied to one randomized facial half following full-face fraxel laserprocedure. After 15 minutes the full face was rinsed with water and patted dry.

    Thermal imaging of facial skin

    -2.8°C average reduction in skin surface temperature in clinical study

    Post fraxel procedure
    Post fraxel procedure
    Treated with product on (subject's left)
    Treated with product on (subject's left)




    Phyto Corrective Masque can be applied as a leave-on, rinse-off, or overnight treatment.

    Apply a generous coat to clean face, chest, or neck avoiding eye and lip area. Allow mask to remain on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cool water if desired. Use 2-3 times a week or as needed. Apply post-procedure as indicated by a physician.



    1. Cleanse & Tone
    2. Prevent with C E Ferulic
    3. Prevent with  AOX+ Eye Gel
    4. Correct with Phyto Corrective Masque
    5. Protect with Mineral Radiance UV Defense SPF 50


    1. Cleanse & Tone.
    2. Correct with Phtyo Corrective Masque
    3. Moisturize

    Key Ingredients

    Key Ingredient 1

    9% green botanicals: A unique blend of cucumber, thyme, and olive extracts soothe skin for optimum comfort

    Key Ingredient 2

    Calming Dipeptide: Helps reduce the perception of heat sensitivity

    Key Ingredient 3

    Hyaluronic Acid: A natural humectant capable of holding 1,000 times its own weight in water and the body’s natural hydrator

    Customer rating


    What people are saying

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    • Location : Singapore
    • Age : 40 - 44

    Feels really good on the skin


    This stuff is great, it really calmed down my skin and helped with my hyperpigmentation. Noticed an improvement after only one use.


    • Location : Singapore
    • Age : 40 - 44

    Very hydrating and calming


    I have very sensitive skin that is usually very dry and uneven. I use this cream at least once a week and my skin has never looked better!!! I even leave it on my face all night and it simply absorbs into my skin and no more dryness!! Highly recommend!


    • Location : Singapore
    • Age : 50 - 54

    Incredible! Must have!


    I've been using Skinceuticals products for almost a decade; recently developed red cheeks and nose due to altitude and climate. I tried Avene masks and creams, but they did nothing for me- I thought they'd know how to calm my face- not. Ordered this, used it the day it got here and was amazed at how quickly it calmed my skin! It has the consistency of jam or jelly, but goes on smooth and stays on; smells like a medicinal herbal potion, which I didn't mind; a little goes a long way. I felt the cooling goodness in the first minutes, left it on for 15min and rinsed with cool water- face looked healthier, no red, and even my husband commented on the even toned appearance! Use it 3x/wk and won't leave town without a jar!

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