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Blemish + Age Cleanser

Blemish + Age Cleanser


Exfoliating cleanser with lipo-hydroxy acid foams to decongest skin and improve clarity

SKIN TYPES: Oily, Combination,



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Product details

Blemish + Age Cleanser is a targeted exfoliating cleanser featuring a conditioning surfactant and a 12% concentration combining lipo-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, glycerin, and sorbitol to remove excess oils and makeup, while decongesting pores and brightening skin. Formulated for aging skin prone to breakouts, this deep cleansing gel gently refines the appearance of congested pores and helps to reduce blemishes without drying the skin.
  • Features a blend of salicylic acids to address breakouts and visible signs of aging
  • Delivers even exfoliation to unclog congested pores
  • Removes excess oil and makeup
  • Paraben-, sulfate-, soap-, synthetic-fragrance-, dye- and alcohol-free
  • Suitable for oily, combination, and aging skin types

How to use

Twice daily, apply a small amount of this exfoliating cleanser onto a wet face and neck using a light circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. If using in the morning, follow with a SkinCeuticals vitamin C serum and sunscreen. If using in the evening, follow with a SkinCeuticals corrective product or moisturizer.

Science & proof

Aging skin prone to breakouts has a unique set of needs. As skin ages, it experiences a natural loss of moisture and slowdown in the cell turnover cycle, which may cause excess dead skin cells to clog pores and result in breakouts. However, many traditional blemish fighting ingredients have the potential to dry out skin. This can exacerbate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Effective daily cleansing and exfoliation can help decongest pores and remove excess sebum and dead skin cells. Designed specifically for oily, combination, and aging skin, Blemish + Age Cleanser combines a blend of exfoliating and hydrating ingredients to address blemishes and visible signs of aging at the same time.


Key Ingredients


    Overall rating


    3 reviews



    • Location : Singapore
    • Age : 50-59 years


    My new best friend

    I love this, I have only been using this for about 2 weeks, or 2 and a half, and so far, my skin is cleared tremendously and I am in love with this product ,and this is my new best friend. I am also wondering if I should try the whole system. This will definitely put the Dermatology office out of business, this is amazing. I love how, when you use this, you can feel your pores opening up, this is amazing !


    • Location : Singapore
    • Age : 50-59 years


    Gentle & Clean Feeling

    My face feels super good and pampered after using this! Oily skin type and my face has not felt any cleaner but also non-drying after using this. A very good product.


    • Location : Singapore
    • Age : 30-39 years


    Soothing and clean feeling

    This cleanser leave a super soothing and minty feeling on the face and my face feels super clean after using. It cleans the face well, without a dry/tight sensation afterwards. My face has been clear for the past 2 weeks. Great cleanser!

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