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Phloretin CF ©


Phloretin CF ©

Vitamin C Serums

Advanced environmental protection that accelerates cellular renewal

SKIN TYPES: Normal, Oily, Combination, Sensitive,

SKIN CONDITIONS: Aging, Acne, Dark Spots,


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Product details

This broad-spectrum treatment provides advanced environmental protection to defend skin against the reactive molecules (including free radicals) that are known to cause cellular damage. In addition to its superior antioxidant capabilities, it has been proven to correct existing damage from the inside out.
  • Provides advanced environmental protection against UVA and UVB radiation
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation and helps accelerates cellular turnover to retexture skin
  • Helps prevent cell mutation such as thymine dimers by shielding skin’s DNA
  • Once absorbed, this serum can’t be washed or rubbed off. It remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours, making it an excellent addition to sunscreen.
Vitamin C Serums Comparison:

  • SKIN TYPES: Normal, Dry, Sensitive
  • KEY INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS: Alpha Tocopherol (neutralizes free radicals and replenishes skin lipids), Ferulic Acid (neutralizes free radicals and enhances the antioxidant benefits of vitamins C and E)

  • SKIN TYPES: Normal, Oily, Combination, Sensitive
  • KEY INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS: Phloretin (neutralizes free radicals, accelerates cell turnover, and reduces the production of unwanted pigment), Ferulic Acid (neutralizes free radicals, helps inhibits UV-induced skin discolorations, and has anti-inflammatory properties)

  • SKIN TYPES: Normal, Sensitive
  • KEY INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS: Ferulic Acid (neutralizes free radicals, helps inhibits UV-induced skin discolorations, and has anti-inflammatory properties)

How to use

In the morning after cleansing and toning, apply 4-5 drops to a dry face, neck, and chest before all other skincare products. 

Complete your regimen with a Skinceuticals sunscreen. When used together, SkinCeuticals antioxidants and broad spectrum sunscreens provide more comprehensive protection against visible aging caused by environmental aggressors.

Visible results

In-vivo, Phloretin CF provides a high level of environmental protection against UV-induced oxidative damage when exposed to solar-simulated light.


Science & proof

Derived from the bark of apple trees, phloretin is a broad-spectrum molecule newly identified for its antioxidant properties and studied for use as a pigment-regulating and penetration-enhancing agent.


Key Ingredients


    Overall rating


    4 reviews



    • Location : Singapore
    • Age : 40-49 years


    great for sun damaged skin

    After discussing my aging skin problems with my dermatologist, she recommended Phloretin CF. My skin is oily and had numerous sunspots. After using this product for 3 months, my sun spots have faded at least 50%. I wish I had taken before pictures just to prove it to everyone. My 45-year-old skin is looking younger every day! I will be changing over all of my skincare products to SkinCeuticals.


    • Location : Singapore
    • Age : 50-59 years


    Liquid gold

    Other companies try to compete with this product, but no other line comes close to the combination powers of Phloretin, Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid! This is the one skin care product that I refuse to live without


    • Location : Singapore
    • Age : 30-39 years


    Unbelievable product

    For those of you hesitating because of the price, I must say you will NOT be disappointed with this product. This serum has tightened the large pores on my cheeks, nose and forehead like nothing ever has! Finally my skin is brighter, firmer, and much more even in tone. I require less makeup now and feel this product has removed 10 years of sun damage from my face. Try it!!


    • Location : Singapore
    • Age : 50-59 years


    The Holy Grail

    I can honestly say that I have tried everything under the sun - every new product, every expensive product, everything the dermatologist or facialist recommends. My first foray into the Skinceuticals line was the CE Ferulic serum. I loved it, but someone mentioned trying Phloretin CF. I have combination skin, decent texture, but could use some improvement, and minor dark spots, but after using this product I look as if I got back from vacation and had a facial. It does wonders for my skin! Every time I take a break from it and try something else I remember why this is my go to product!

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